Camden Council – Adult Social Care

As part of the strength-based approach, and particularly the 3 Conversations model, currently expanding across the country, Camden Council’s Adult Social Care team has been in conversations with Osca to co-create a significant training and culture change programme for their staff.

This includes not only the provision of the core two day Coaching for Health programme for around 250 of their staff, but also includes working with their senior leadership at the outset to support embedding the culture internally also.

The programme also includes a train the trainer scheme to support capacity internally. Future trainers will be recruited from the first five two day trainings to be delivered by Osca. They will then attend the Train the Trainer programme, before quality assuring by delivering the programme to their remaining colleagues. And, having trained all 250 staff, the council will have the capacity internally to continue training staff members from partner organisations, continuing to expand its impact.

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