Coaching for Health for clinical pharmacists in GP practices across England

The role of clinical pharmacists in GP practices is a key strategic aim for NHS England. Following a successful pilot in 2015, they have invested over £100 million to support an additional 1,500 clinical pharmacists to work in General Practice by 2020/21.

In addition to their clinical and medicinal expertise, conversational skills is vital for this group in effectively supporting patients to get the most of their medication, recognising the low estimates of how many patients actually take medication as prescribed (30-50%). A number of clinical pharmacists already working in GP practices have attended the Coaching for Health two day course two day course and feedback has indicated the course is both very useful and highly relevant for their work.

Hence, the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) worked with us to develop a Coaching for Health training programme for these clinical pharmacists which was delivered in 2017 across four cities around England: Birmingham, London, Bristol and Manchester, providing places for pharmacists already working in GP practices in regions around England.

The feedback has been excellent. Because it’s a flagship programme, the participating pharmacists have been provided with a great deal of training opportunities. Their priority is often, understandably, clinical rather than consultation skills. However, in spite of this, our course has been ranked joint top of all the trainings they have received.

The CPPE are keen to see if we can include Coaching for Health training for future cohorts also.

Feedback from participants:
Think everyone should do it. One of the most useful courses I have done as part of programme.”

I found the content accessible, well presented and motivating and appreciated the positive and safe environment created on both days.”

“I thought this was excellent, not only for patient contacts and health coaching but also to apply the coaching principles to everyday life other work situations.”


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