Find out more about our Coaching for Health training and embedding activities.


Examples of our recent activities around the country, across primary and secondary care.


Collated results from having trained well over a thousand health professionals over the last 6 years.


  • Merton and South West London CEPNs

    In early 2019, Merton Council and CEPN commissioned Osca to design and deliver a number of Coaching for Health trainings, ranging from half day programmes to the core two

  • Camden Council – Adult Social Care

    As part of the strength-based approach, and particularly the 3 Conversations model, currently expanding across the country, Camden Council’s Adult Social Care team has been in conversations with Osca

  • We Offer

    Coaching for Health

    Core two-day and two x half day trainings

    Embedding Activities

    Refreshers, masterclasses, seminars and train the trainer

    System Integration

    Building local leadership to drive and sustain this approach


    Ealing GP Federation
    Ealing CCG
    Merton CCG
    Newham CEPN
    NWL Collaboration of CCGs
    Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust
    Tower Hamlets CEPN
    Homerton University Hospital Foundation Trust 
    Haringey CEPN
    Islington CEPN

    Our Team

    Nick Nielsen

    / Lead Trainer
    Nick is an award winning entrepreneur, facilitator, trainer and coach; with over ten years’ experience of leading and supporting organisations in the areas of behaviour change, organisational development and strategy.

    Doug Hing

    / Lead Trainer
    Doug is a General Practitioner with a background in Coaching, Education and Management; he regularly applies coaching skills to his consultations with patients as well as in his leadership management, facilitation and mentoring roles.

    Judith Stanton

    / Trainer
    Judith is the Chief Executive of Tzedek. Her medical background is in general practice. Her coaching experience includes being the head of the HEE London/London Deanery coaching scheme and being a coach and coach supervisor for the HEE London/London Deanery coaching scheme.

    Arti Maini

    / Trainer
    Arti works as a GP, Appraiser and Coach and is a Clinical Teaching Fellow in Primary Care at Imperial College London. She works with the NHS London Leadership Academy and with Health Education North West London as a coach for clinicians.

    Hina Pattani

    / Trainer
    Hina is a consultant in critical care medicine at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust. Her education roles include programme director for core medical training for South East London and academic lead for the final year medical school clinical examinations at King's College London.

    Edwina Lawson

    / Trainer
    Edwina is a doctor and has been practicing for over 10 years. She works as a GP Partner in a busy London practice. For the last two years, she has trained healthcare professionals in skills of coaching and care planning for patients with long-term conditions, through both the Coaching for Health course and the Year of Care model.

    Niro Amin

    / Trainer
    Niro is a portfolio general practitioner with a background in medical education and educational research. She has been involved in coaching both clinicians and NHS managers via the London Leadership Academy and the Professional Support Unit over the last ten years.

    Bronya Gorney

    / Trainer
    Bronya works as a GP in central North London. She qualified as a doctor 12 years ago and became a GP 5 years ago. She qualified with distinction on the Relational Dynamic Leadership & Coaching course and has since been using these skills in every consultation.


    “I would recommend it to any clinician. Everyone should go. It was one of the best courses I have been to in ages.” – GP, Islington
    “I found it very beneficial, relevant and inspiring. The trainers are clear leaders in their field.” – Dietician, Homerton
    “I found the facilitation was top rate and the skills acquired will be invaluable.” – Clinical Nurse Specialist, Barts Health
    “Very relevant to my work, brilliantly presented and very practical.” – Occupational Therapist, North West London

    Case Studies

    “A woman who came in with general problem. We quickly homed in on what was important to her and empowered her to approach social services for support. All done in 10 mins and she left looking happy and listened to. Could have taken me 30 mins, blood tests, repeated consultations to follow up etc. and felt unsatisfying to me.” – GP, North Central London
    “Coaching a patient who wanted to lose weight. Didn’t know where to start: disliked the gym and exhausted from traditional advice given. They agreed to make smaller changes which made the problem seem more manageable. For me, this took the pressure off trying to find a solution as the patient was able to find one herself. The initial change helped her feel more motivated to change other aspects of her diet and lifestyle.” – Pharmacist, London
    “Two people with mental health difficulties: felt lost, angry and both faced a personal conundrum. Coaching helped them clarify their goal and how to achieve it. Both felt relieved and happy and so did I. Both could have escalated and ended up in crisis but a little conversation averted anything serious happening.” – Community practitioner, North West London
    “A young gentleman that had not left his home for two years has been able to leave his home on a daily basis after the use of coaching techniques. Giving him the opportunity to think and take responsibility about ‘how to make changes’ impacted him immensely. He continues to make good progress.” – Occupational Therapist, North West London