North Central London Training Hubs

In 2022, the North Central London Training Hubs commissioned Osca to deliver a multi-course programme, aimed at supporting the ongoing strategic priority of enhancing Personalised Care across the ICB. This involved delivering taster sessions to leaders, as well as bespoke courses to audiences such as the Post Covid Team. In addition, given the increasing pressure on practitioner time, Osca divided their PCI-accredited courses into several bitesize, lunchtime sessions. Not only did this make it easier for participants to attend, it also allowed more opportunities for practice between sessions, and for the skills to be embedded. The programme also includes a Train the Trainer element which is likely to continue into 2023 and 2024.

Feedback from participants:

“Excellent course and fantastically delivered by experienced and knowledgable tutors who have brilliant skills in delivery. Well done and thank you. This has been extremely useful and transformed encounters.” – GP

“I really enjoyed the course. The trainers gave as a chance to discuss freely and they listened to us attentively while guiding us all the way . I felt that I was listened to and I could use their models any time during my work and daily living activities. Great team work and case studies.” – Care Navigator

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