In delivering Coaching for Health over the last eight years, we have been capturing data on the impact with participants to demonstrate impact, and ensure learning and ongoing improvement. Our programme aims to develop the awareness and capability of participating health professionals with regards to their conversational skills with patients and clients. By having more effective conversations this leads to developing: openness, trust, understanding, motivation and confidence on the part of the patient or client with the following intended outcomes:

  • Increased levels of self-efficacy amongst patients
  • Higher rates of concordance with co-created management plans
  • Better health outcomes
  • Reduction in frequency of unnecessary appointments in primary and secondary care
  • Higher patient satisfaction of clinical settings
  • Enhanced health professional satisfaction due to more ‘meaningful conversations’ and a more appropriate distribution of responsibility

The following sample charts and statistics represent the combined evaluation results from 450 trainees (out of well over a thousand we have trained) over the last three years. We use a replicable three questionnaire system for participants – pre-training, post-training and 3-5 months follow up – designed by the Tavistock Institute and aimed at making data comparable across health coaching programmes.


Example participant comments:

“Found it very beneficial, relevant and empowering. The trainers are clear leaders in their field.”

“Thanks for an amazing course. This training should be mandatory for all GP trainees, trainers, appraisers. It’s so incredibly useful. Really well delivered with good balance of practice and group discussion. I hope it continues to be funded.”

“Coaching has helped me recognise the limitations of my ability to help in certain situations, reducing my stress levels. It also helps me stay positive and solution orientated when facing problems of my own.”

“This course was one of the most engaging, interesting courses I have ever been on. Very well presented and taught with good materials. Detailed explanations with plenty of activities through the 2 days. I would like to learn more. Thank you!”

“It’s an essential and excellent course and I hope it spreads to mainstream undergraduate and postgraduate health education.”

“I would recommend it to any clinician. Everyone should go. It was one of the best courses I have been to in ages.”