North West London Collaboration of CCGs – embedding Personalised Care

In 2020, North West London embarked on a large programme of work to develop care for and around the whole person: working to ensure patients are at the centre of planning and decisions for their health and care, shifting from a medical model of ‘what’s the matter with you’ to a much more holistic ‘what matters to you’. Personalisation is expressed as a major priority in the NHS Long Term Plan and personalised approaches have been an integral part of effective care for patients, carers and families affected by COVID-19 as part of the local NHS pandemic response. The importance of personalised care is also reflected in the NWL Out of Hospital recovery plan and transition to an Integrated Care System (ICS). It means a change for all clinicians and other staff- and has very positive implications for how we work with people in our care.

As part of this programme of work, NWL commissioned Osca to provide a comprehensive training programme to four PCNs as part of an initial pilot project. The aim is to provide the conversational skills required for effective Personalised Care to as many staff as possible across the participating practices. We have co-created the programme with each of the PCNs, working with their project teams to develop the content and logistics for the subsequent training sessions. It was decided that they would be delivered online, in bite-size sessions (each one between 1.5 and 2 hours long) to fit into clinical time. And that the sessions would be part of an escalating curriculum that staff can follow as far as they’d like to go. The training programme started in the autumn of 2020 and will continue into 2021. Please see Courses for more details on the bite-size sessions themselves.


“Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Was easy to participate in and have gained more confidence – thank you.”

“Great course, I liked learning how to approach obstacles in a different way from a different perspective.”

“Really valuable training that all patient facing health professionals should have.”

“Really helpful – short enough to get a clear message but long enough to practice.”

“I enjoyed the sessions which made me reflect on my current listening skills, communicating, problem solving/conflict resolution skills. I would recommend this to all reception staff, HCA, Nurses or anyone who is directly involve in client carer/carer/relative.”

“Fantastic training. Thank you so much.”

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