Coaching for Health multi-year provision for Ealing CCG

In 2017 we started our third year of activities across Ealing, in partnership with Ealing CCG, This built on the provision over the previous two years which included working in partnership with the Ealing GP Federation to provide the course to GP practices, and organising courses for the new Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs).

In Ealing, there has been an emphasis on the course supporting integrated care between health and social care professionals, and hence an additional 120 places will be offered for practitioners across Ealing. And, to support the hundreds of professionals who have been trained over the last few years, we also provided a series of refreshers, masterclasses and reflection sessions to support the ongoing embedding of skills.

In addition, to support a consistency of approach, we provided two additional courses to the two day foundation course: A two half day introductory course to Healthcare Assistants in Coaching for Health, and a two half day course in managing Difficult Conversations for receptionists from across Ealing.

Feedback from participants:
“An excellent course, clearly delivered and very useful methods provided for managing more challenging scenarios. Thank you.”
– GP

“I am able to confidently guide my clients to reaching their goals and encourage them to take control and be more involved in their care involved. When applied to my personal life I feel more confident in reaching the required goals more often.”
– Stop Smoking Advisor

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